25+ Years Dedicated to Helping You Find the Home of Your Dreams in the Phoenix, AZ Valley

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Experienced Professionals

Our 25+ years experience in the industry helps us advise our clients to avoid the common pitfalls that may come up in a real estate purchase or sale.

Personalized Touch

Our personalized touch is why our clients stay longer in the houses we help them find than the national averages. We work to help find you what best fits your real estate needs.

HOA Experience

Our experience managing HOAs helps our clients rest assured there will be no surprises or unexpected challenges that comes up throughout the buying process.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on timely responses and going above and beyond to help you find the home of your dreams with a stress-free approach.

Client Feedback

We win when our clients win. Our current rating of 5.0 / 5.0 from our previous clients display how we go above and beyond to find you your dream home.

Phoenix Locals

Our local knowledge from growing up and living in the Valley provides our clients with peace of mind that we've seen it all and will help find them the perfect fit for their home.

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The Freedle Team

Scottsdale Real Estate | Scottsdale, AZ | The Freedles

Bruce Freedle

Co-Owner & Founder

Bruce Freedle has been licensed to sell real estate since 1994, selling business and commercial real estate. Then selling residential real estate exclusively, since 2004. He is a Phoenix native. His family has an extensive military background, with numerous members serving in the armed forces for many decades.

Bruce has background in the mortgage, employment, and finance industry. He also owned and operated six restaurants in the past.

He strives to help his customers attain their goals in the best way possible. Bruce also focuses on communication, service, knowledge, and attention. He is there with his clients every step of the way.

Scottsdale Real Estate | Scottsdale, AZ | The Freedles

Mauri Freedle

Co-Owner & Founder

Mauri Freedle has been licensed in residential real estate since 2013. She was Bruce’s assistant for several years prior to obtaining her license.

Mauri has a background in HOA management, giving her clients better knowledge of HOAs, that most other agents do not have. Not only did she manage numerous communities in prior years, she continues to serve on HOA boards now.

Mauri focuses on communication, service, knowledge, and attention. She wants her clients to find the home they need and not feeling alone in the process.